Hip Hip Hooray!
Banner - Stanley -Cake
Due to circumstances...
Arthur - Sm Party Hat - Pastry
Do I smell Birthday Cake?
Pastry - Flower - Sparky - Pansy
Happy Birthday to You!
Wiggans - Mimosa - Sandy
Do I smell Birthday Cake?
Charlie - Carmen - Ladder
Window - Cake
Wish Big!
Charlie - Babycakes
Feeling long in the tooth?
Russ - Lg Balloon
Wow!  It's a big one!
Leonard - Lg Candles - Cake
When they're done singing...
Babycakes - Candlelight - Lena
Happy Birthday Fly By
Sally - Party Hat - Banner
We're sorry...
Open Gift
An old toot is as good as a new one.
Richard - Vest - Necktie
Birthdays are for Wishes
Marilyn - Cake - Candlelight
I'm late for a very Important Date
Balloon - Malcom - Palmer
Is it your birthday or mine?
Daffodil - Cake - Candlelight - Liza
Happy Birthday to You!
Keyhole - Betty - Med Balloon
Feeling Old?
Hanger - Apron - Specs
Wishing you the best birthday ever!
Lumpy Grass - Daisy - Lg Balloon
Party Hat
All I want to do is party.
Lg Party Hat - Therapy
Happy 29th Birthday
Roxie - Ronnie - Babycakes
Flash - Med Balloon
Happy 29th Birthday
Gladys - Med Balloon
Open Gift - Betty - Wine
Getting older is a part of life...
Persephone - Tall Cake
Wishing you the best day ever.
Banner - Cake - Tall Table
Candi - Candlelight
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